Marketing Tips To Help Sell Your Jewelry

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If you just received a piece of jewelry from an inheritance or as a gift, or you just bought a piece on your own, you probably want to know more about jewelry in general. The question is: where do you start? This article is going to outline a few useful tidbits about jewelry to help you on your quest to be a more educated consumer.

Ask yourself what kind of effect you want your jewelery to have. You want to ensure that you choose either your outfit or your jewelry to be the key piece of your outfit. If you exaggerate, you will lose subtlety.

When considering a nice piece of jewelry, consider the popular beauty of rubies. A true ruby will always be red. However, there are a number of different red tints that are cherished in rubies. Choose from rosy pinks, vivid claret, deep maroon and many other gradations in between. Rubies are a highly resilient stone, and can hold up well against scratching, and most chemicals. Being that rubies have strength as well as beauty, they’re a great choice for your jewelry.


Make sure you clean your jewelry well and often. Always start by looking for damage, breaks or loose stones. These are the kinds of problems that you could accidentally make much worse when cleaning your jewelry. If you notice damage, take your piece of jewelry to a jeweler or gemologist to let him clean it properly.

If you wear the piece for 24 hours, then you can be sure that it has been put together correctly and hangs nicely. This will also help you to determine if the piece is sufficiently durable.

Dust and dirt are attracted by this electrical charge. As a result, tourmaline gets dull and dirty faster than other stones, requiring cleaning more often.

To protect the setting, clean with a damp cloth. Follow this by gently drying the item with a soft, dry cloth. Keep costume jewelry away from steam cleaners or powerful chemicals.

TIP! Research the proper methods for cleaning your jewelry. Depending on the metals and stones used in your jewelry, along with how they are set, you will need different maintenance methods.

When you are shopping for a diamond, make sure to shop around and compare. Always see the piece up close, and compare it critically to any others you’re considering. There are many ways to make a diamond look better than it really is.

When looking for the right engagement ring with your future spouse, consider how your lifestyle and style will be reflected in the piece. The rings should reflect your individuality, as well as your relationship with your partner. Because your ring represents so much, you want it to be perfect for you.

When you can’t afford that special wedding band, think about buying something within your price range, and upgrade at a later date. You could also make a plan to receive an upgraded diamond ring on your wedding anniversary, or another momentous occasion. At times, jewelers will offer a program to buy back diamonds as a trade-in for a larger stone.

One way to get the most out a fairly modest diamond is to get an illusion setting for it. An illusion setting is created by using a mirrored plate placed on your ring prior to the diamond being set. The diamond then goes through a mirroring process on your hand, giving it a big and sparkly look. This type of special setting can be harder to repair, which is a potential drawback.

TIP! If you wear your diamond jewelry everyday, make sure that you have the pieces professional cleaned every six months. When you have your jewelry cleaned, the gemologist will also check it for damage.

Using robe hooks will help to stop necklaces from becoming tangled. Attach the hooks in accessible areas of your bedroom or closet, and drape necklaces across them in compatible groups. Doing this will keep your jewelry from getting all balled up in the bottom of your jewelry box.

It is becoming increasingly popular to wear silver and gold jewelry at the same time. However, you should wear jewelry that has both metals in one piece. Trying to mix radically different pieces can often have disastrous results.

Sterling Silver

Do not clean your jewelry with chemicals such as bleach or ammonia. This could cause the stone to change color or become dull in appearance, and it may eat away at the enamel on the piece.

TIP! Have a purpose in mind before shopping for jewelry. There is no point continually buying jewelry if you never wear it.

Having a good eye to catch the details, and a magnet, are key when you are considering the purchase of any type of sterling silver jewelry. Jewelry made with non-precious metals will be attracted to the magnet, revealing any fakes. Look for the hallmark stamped on the piece of jewelry to determine what percentage sterling silver it is. If you don’t see such a mark, you might want to reconsider the purchase. This is usually an indication that the piece is fake.

To state it again, there is a lot of information available on the topic of jewelry. However, if you conduct your research properly, you can ensure that the pieces you purchase are of the highest quality, and that the way you care for them will keep them beautiful for many years to come. You will find that the jewelry experience is both rewarding and fulfilling, so get involved! Get the most from your next jewelry shopping spree by following these tips.

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