Copper Jewelry San Francisco

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Cool and Trendy San Francisco Designer Copper Jewelry

Copper Fold Formed Hoop Earrings

Copper Fold Formed Hoop Earrings by San Francisco jewelry designer John S Brana

Copper metal jewelry, with its substantial history in jewelry making, remains to be a fashionable alternative amongst fashionistas. Its warm hue and broad assortment of designs makes it a great alternative metal. Hammered, magnatized, and patinated jewelry pieces have become quite trendy over the past few years in the fashion world. Innovative jewelry designers are creating fabulously designed earrings, rings, necklaces, and bracelets using copper. Copper bracelets, copper pendants, absolutely everything made in silver is now being made with copper now days. One of the reasons behind this trend is the stagnant economy. Because of the economy we can’t afford gold jewelry. The price of gold and silver have sky rocketed! Copper jewelry still tends to be more affordable compared to gold, silver, and platinum jewelry.

Many San Francisco jewelry designers have recently begun using Copper in many of their designs due to the steep rise in gold and silver prices. Many jewelry artists and designers have discovered Copper as exciting alternative. Copper jewelry making can be very versatile, not only because of the cost, but also because Copper is one of the easiest metal to work with. Copper is also very pliable and thus easy to cut, form and fold.

According to researchers and archeologists, copper can date its discovery to around 10,000 B.C. Therefore copper jewelry has been worn for ages. It has been adorned by people for its physical characteristics, positive influence on health, affordable price and easy and simple care and cleaning for copper jewelry etc.

Attributes of Copper Jewelry

Chased Copper Bark Cuff Bracelet

Chased Copper Bark Cuff Bracelet

Many San Francisco jewelry designers love to work with copper in that in posses many appealing properties. Much of this has to do with copper’s unique color and luster. When new and unfinished, copper presents with a beautiful shiny pinkish-hue, similar to rose gold. Copper lends itself perfectly to those that like ethnic or earthy looking jewelry. In addition to its natural earthly looking appeal, copper is also a though and sturdy metal that will give you many years of care free wear. Copper is also a great alternative to higher priced rose gold jewelry.

Besides the obvious beauty and style advantages, copper also provides positive influences on health. Ancient Egyptians once used copper as a way to purify water for drinking. Wearing copper has been shown to provide many health benefits, such as an increase in bone density. Wearing copper jewelry is known to alleviate pain associated with arthritis and can improve blood circulation. While these claims have not been completely proven, studies have built a strong case to prove these statements, especially when copper comes in direct contact with the skin as in the wearing of copper rings and copper cuffs.

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Dramatic Hand-crafted Copper Cuff Bark Bracelet on Etsy

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Top Tips for Styling with Patinated Copper Jewelry

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John S Brana Named Bay Area A-List – Best of 2014 Runner-up for Best Fine Jewelry

John S Brana Named Bay Area A-List – Best of 2014 Runner-up for Best Fine Jewelry

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